Lighter is better…for me anyway…

The last time most of my people saw me I was roughly 180-184 pounds. At a hair under 5’7″ I could feel that it was about time to do something about it. Considering, as of this coming Tuesday I will be one year away from the big 3 oh. Trying not to think about that, my wife was also wanting to loose a couple pounds (although she already looked fabulous!) The long and the short of it is that we started to diet together, and implement our own work out routines. This all started the week before the Super Bowl. (Why do I remember this? Because I really wanted to drink like a fish that day and I wasn’t totally pumped to be on a ‘diet’ during one of my favorite drinking holidays.) Anyway, as of this morning I weigh 157 pounds! Looking down at my belly and love handles before, I never thought that I could ever lose almost 30 pounds period, let alone in such a short time. Needless to say my wife looks absolutely amazing and I’ve trimmed up, gotten in shape and feel great in my body for the first time since high school. Why did I decide to write this? It’s because I know that anything is possible if the mind is right, and the support is there. This is to mark this day as the day I will look back to, if I see the handles and the belly ever show their faces again. Self-back patting is now officially over:)

Dragon on the Ledge


6 thoughts on “Lighter is better…for me anyway…

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