Red Words

It’s funny how many times I’ve started with “It’s funny.” It almost makes it not funny. Almost. Anyway, I’m beyond tired but I don’t feel like sleeping. It feels like one of those days where you can’t help but be who you are but you’re not that stoked with what you’re seeing. How many times will my mouth get me in trouble? If only I could actually snag the words as they fly out of my mouth. As they escape the troublesome words, bad grammar and sentence fragments could be lit up in red and I could grab them and shove them back into the gaping hole that is my mouth. The older I get the worse my temper becomes. I always thought of myself as one of those fire signs that wasn’t fiery. At least not when it came to my temper. People used to ask my sign and actually be surprised I was an Aeires…wait, did that ever actually happen? Whatever. Nowadays I just seem to fly off the handle and good moods are few and far between. Thinking back to my early college days this makes sense because I didn’t have a fraction of the stress and responsibility I do now. I suppose that makes a difference. Whatever, I have to get up at 5:30AM so I should at least think about sleeping…

Dragon on the Ledge


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