Fear of Children

Misleading title aside, I fear for my students. I fear for my sanity dealing with them, of course, but what’s more is that I fear that they won’t survive what our society’s future holds. Simple things like talking to adults in a respectful manner, or learning how to turn off the F-bombs when it isn’t appropriate. Or, (this happened an hour ago), calling me fat during a discussion when all I do is support and encourage success. WHATEVER JERK! They can’t see the future. Shit, they can’t see that the decisions they make today might have something to do with tomorrow! All I can say is wow. It wasn’t this bad when I was a kid. (Warning: old man rant likely to follow). When I was in high school we didn’t have anything right away. If we wanted to find out something, we couldn’t pull out our smartphones and Google it. The library was the spot, and not just a room filled with books no one needs. No, the library was a place where the information was. Sure the internet existed, but not the way it does now. High school students now have what they want when they want it. Think about it, food is faster and easier to get (and worse for you). Info is everywhere and violence, drugs and hip-hop culture has saturated their mentality’s to the point that they don’t think they actually have to work. The natural conclusion is that if they play the game right, life is easy and they’ll be rich and English class isn’t necessary. Shit, the sheer volume of kids that say they have never, yes NEVER read a book is more than you could possibly imagine. So, yes, I am afraid. Afraid that when I’m older the generation that will be running the world will be lazy, stupid and the have the life goals of an ADHD 3rd grader. More than anything I am afraid that since I turned 32 last week, I’m just a old fucking man…

Dragon on the Ledge


8 thoughts on “Fear of Children

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