3rd Time in the Chi

The first time I went to Chicago I had a blast. Sure, I was young, childless, committed but not married, and had little in the way of soul-crushing responsibilities. A couple weeks ago, I went back. The main reason was to support my sister as she defended her thesis and earned her PhD. At your leisure you can pop over to my previous post here, detailing all my proud sisterly love.

Ridiculous travel times aside, I had an amazing trip. I got to finally catch up with my buddy Jeff, and met his girl Quince. It bums me out sometimes having my friends so far away. The upside is that it gives me future excuses to journey to distant cities. Jeff’s next destination is Dallas, so at some point in coming years I’ll be having a brew in a badass Dallas pub. Jeff even rode the train with me back to the airport. That’s a true friend!

I took way to many pictures on the trip to Chicago, but I really do like that city. If I considered myself a big city guy, I’d consider Chi Town. My sister lives downtown, so everything is a short train or taxi ride away. Speaking of which, on the way to a cool little club in a taxi, I swear we were going to die. It’s hard to imagine driving in a city like Chicago, let alone driving a taxi in a city like Chicago. The driver, at one point, was driving 60mph! No, it wasn’t on a highway. There were streetlights and everything.

Check out all the pictures I took below.

The tavern downstairs and across the street from Jane’s place. Great spot to hang, and I tried a new beer!

The view from Jane’s balcony.

There were like three of these trucks. We never figured out where or what was being filmed.

Navy Pier

My yacht…no, it’s not:(

I blew this pic up because, if you look closely, under mixed drinks in a drink called ‘Horny Goat’. Wish I had tried it.

Seems a little extreme…right?

Harry Caray’s

Jeff and Quince posing with my and my dad. It was great catching up!

This was around 2am at the club. Apparently, I had something on my face. Thanks Sean!

It’s late. Jane’s friends may be a little “tired”

These next few pics were sent by my wife Kate while I was gone…

Roe wearing the cute little outfit Uncle Don bought her

Kaya, Row and Kate making dinner

Happy face

Sad face

Eleven City Diner. What an awesome place to grub. Gotta eat there if you’re in Chicago

This was my omelet. It was just phenomenal!!

The gift shop at Eleven City was just sweet! (get it?) There was a ton of old school candy and gum like Bazooka. I had to buy a t-shirt and pint class.

These building were under construction last time I was there. Wow…

Soldier Field from a distance

A crazy huge demonstration downtown. Everything is always bigger in the city.

Crazy cool statues

Either the lion is HUGE or Jr. is shrinking.

Don’t give that look sis…I mean Dr. Sis

Uncle Don’s not sure which way to go…again.

I love all the artwork in Chicago. This is one of two huge stone blocks with digital faces looking at each other. Creepy, cool and a little weird. Just my style.

That silver bean thing in the background was also under construction last I saw it. Once the quinceanera moved on, we got a much closer look.


This is actually our reflection

Views from inside

Pretty cool idea.

My mom is notorious for giving cask to the less fortunate.

My last meal at Midway airport before my flight home. Sadly, I took too long and my plane was about to leave without me! Oops.

Dragon on the Ledge


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