Busy, Busy – Part Two: Zoey’s First Birthday

Although the frequency with which I speak to my parents has decreased since Zoey’s birth, it’s visits like this that remind me that regardless of the distance, and time spent on the phone, my family’s connection will always be strong. I love my family, and I love my friends.

We celebrated Zoey’s 1st birthday (June 10th) with my parents the weekend before. We headed to Bay Area to attend Jeremy’s and Danielle’s engagement party, and later that night we barbequed and hung out with my parents, my girls, my brother and my nephew.

I often regret how far I live from my parents. It’s weekends like these that I cherish most when I’m away from my parents for what can be months at a time. Although we spend so much time apart, and not as much time on the phone catching up, when we all get together again, it’s like we’ve only been apart a few days.


Grandma made cupcakes. No Zoey, you don’t get all of them.


She did pretty well with the one cupcake though


Hard to tell with the face my dad’s making, but they were stoked to celebrate for Zoey a week early.

The next weekend, we had a small birthday party at the house for Zoey. The girls’ friends and parents came over and we watched the kids play, fight to open Zoey’s gifts and eat cupcakes. It was yet another great day with friends. I still can’t believe Zoeys already one. Time is moving at a pace I fear I will never be able to keep up with. Enjoy the pics, and happy birthday Zoey Mae!




More cupcakes!


Somewhere in there are gifts for Zoey




A new pack just like Rowan’s.


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