Raising Rebels – Fighter Flight

One of my favorite things about watching kids shows with my girls is hearing them laugh. They both have a great sense of humor, and easily pick up on comedy aimed specifically at them. Rowan, my oldest, has even been picking up on my constant sarcasm more and more each day. As a parent, hearing my girls cry, whine, or pout, happens just as often as hearing them laugh, but laughter is always preferred. My youngest laughs a lot like I do. It happens suddenly, loudly, and wholeheartedly. My oldest daughter Rowan’s laugh is easily outdone by little Zoey’s, but it’s adorable nonetheless. Thanks to the latest episode of Rebels, I got to hear a lot of laughter.

Pumpkin chocolate muffins? Check. Star Wars Rebels? Enthusiastic check.

Pumpkin chocolate muffins? Check. Star Wars Rebels? Enthusiastic check.

Star Wars Rebels: Fighter Flight was the episode I needed my kids to see. There was no Agent Kallus, no Inquisitor, and with only a few suspenseful moments near the end, it was the amazingly fun ride my kids needed to help them buy into the show even more. Looking through the list of episode titles going forward, a few of the them have me worried. The next episode called Rise of the Old Masters is definitely one of them. Right now they are more than excited to watch Rebels each week, but I can see that excitement turning to concern when the Inquisitor makes his first appearance. As I mentioned in my first Raising Rebels post, Darth Maul did not go over well with them at all. Come to think about it, neither did Darth Ferb in the Phineas and Ferb Star Wars special. They are older now, so my hope is that their love for the characters of The Ghost will outweigh their inevitable fear of the villains. This episode had them laughing and playing along with the crew, and even if things get a little scary in the future, I’m fairly optimistic about them voluntarily staying with the show.

When the episode started, I admittedly had concerns about Zeb’s childish behavior. Although I let it go pretty quickly, it was a little off-putting to see the previously angry, all business muscle of The Ghost acting like one of my high school students. It not only worked a few minutes later when Zeb, Ezra and Chopper started fighting, but it further reinforced the family structure of the crew. Herra and Kanan acting as parents, while the rest get into trouble with mom and dad. My girls really got a kick out of the banter between ‘the kids” on The Ghost. We must have rewound the scene where the bunk falls on Zeb a half dozen times. In fact, there were more “rewind it daddy” moments in this episode that any others so far. Rowan loved Zeb flying the TIE fighter, and Zoey was cracking up when Zeb teased Ezra about using The Force.

Overall, this was yet another episode that was well received by my daughters. My wife and I enjoyed it as well. Now that the relationship between Zeb and Ezra is as solid as two close brothers, I’d like to see more of Sabine’s backstory, and because I haven’t finished A New Dawn yet, I’d like to know more about the very close relationship between Kanan and Herra. I am also curious to see when the stolen TIE fighter will make a reappearance. I think many of the other Rebels and Star Wars podcasts have it right when they assume the crew will need an Imperial ship for some reason down the line just as Han and company did in Episode VI. That’s the trouble with watching a show week to week, and never being able to watch it the night it airs. You’ve got to have a Jedi’s patience, and wait for all to be revealed …eventually.


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