Geek T of the Day – Winter on the Wall

Winter is coming...

Winter is coming…

With the week off from work, and only three hours of my Clash of Kings audiobook left, this Game of Thrones T-shirt was the right choice for today. My crazy ass dog barks at the horses and dire wolves on screen, so we haven’t made it too far into the TV show, but the books, on the other hand, are absolutely amazing. I hope one day soon that my dog can tell the difference between creatures on TV, and animals that are actually in the room, but until then, I have plenty of audiobooks to pass the time. Winter is coming indeed!

Geek T of the Day – My Pieces of Flair

Anyone who knows me, knows that I wear geeky T-shirts just about every day. It’s one of my “pieces of flair.” The other, of course, are my awesome socks from our little shop called Pippi’s Longstockings. I plan to post a shirt a day on Instagram, but I thought, why not just do it here too? If anything, it’ll get me posted to my overly neglected blog every day. So, without further ado, here are some of the shirts I wore this week. Just in case you’re wondering, most of them are from Enjoy all the geeky T-shirtiness!


This one is for Archer fans. “I guess I blacked out because I don’t remember stabbing him at all. ” -Cheryl


Two shiny new Guardians of the Galaxy T-shirts. I’m pretty sure the answer is: “I am Groot”


Just in time for new Big Bang Theory episodes! Bazinga!


Man, I hate this word, but I love this T-shirt! MTFBWYA


Live long and…craw?